Albero Gatcha Event and more!

I went over to the Albero Gatcha Event and am posting my finds, but first let me show you this skin.  Now its only my opinion of course, but wow its pretty.  Ive made no alterations to my AV to fit this skin, so I was mighty impressed that it went on and suited my shape so perfectly (my opinion again).   This soft, delicate, tanned skin can be found at The Fashion Garrett and is a complete steal at 50 lindens.  Made by filthy I think its a must have.  The make up is perfect, not overdone, I personally adore the colour of the lips and the delicate soft pout.   Take a TP over to The Fashion Garrett, much more than this skin there by the way, and the items are regularly changed out.  Be patient there, it can be very laggy due to popularity.

Okay now on to my purchases at the Albero Gatcha Event.  The necklace above is by Croire and Ive already featured it in a previous post.  Worn below is the Happy Spring Corset from Le Bloom and the Chatty Kathy Shorts from Cool Beans.

Next, below, the cropped cardigan from This is a Fawn.  I love basics like this and will probably go back over and try for some of the other colours.

Finally a tank (or vest as we call them in the UK, hehe) from Somnia.

Hair throughout is Jade by Curio, had this about a year or more, but hopefully still available.  I tend to revist old favourites now and again 🙂  Now to get more coffee and await the Royal Wedding today…a little bit excited!  Have fun.

The Fashion Garrett –

Albero Gatcha Event –

Curio –

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